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Branch containers

Reutilised Shipping containers converted to branches, shops and offices.

Shipping containers are sealed units and are both designed and tested to survive some of the world’s harshest weather over a prolonged period. Their construction allow them to withstand fatigue and damage incurred in the shipping industry and is why they make such a perfect, secure converted offices or retail/banking branch.

Off the grid solution:

Our container offices and branches can be transported to any location and utilise our green power technology.

Green Energy

All our container facilities are designed to utilise and fitted with our green energy products for a reduced carbon footprint and reduced operating costs.

Signage and Digital displays

Our team can develop and manufacture bespoke, branded displays that can be fitted or standalone units.

New website coming 2023.

Bespoke fitting and design.

Works undertaken by trusted partners

Our partners at Garrick Sigma have decades years of experience in shop fitting with some of the UK’s best-known banking and high street store brands as well as manufacturing and fitting security solutions.

As a trusted partner, their company is required to use responsibly sourced materials and products in all joint ventures.

Reduce your carbon footprint with our container solutions.

Reutilising and converting used shipping containers into offices and branches helps your company reduce its carbon footprint.