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Sedum Vegetation Supplies

SEDUM Vegetation

Creating a pollution fighting eco environment in urban area's.

Our sedum solutions can be planted on our range of bus shelters, converted container offices or traditional buildings roofs.

Air Pollution Reduction

Sedum roofs sequester 1-5kg of carbon per m2 per annum. This will help in meeting air quality standards and reduce the health impacts associated.

Provide habitats for wildlife

Sedum roofs provide a habitat or at least a food-source for a diverse number of species including birds (Black redstarts/Skylarks). These include the declining populations of Butterflies and Bees who rely on pollen to thrive. Certain sedum plants have long flowering seasons which can directly assist in their survival and provide a habitat/corridor for what would otherwise be empty space.

Reduction of urban heat island effect

air temperatures, as well as pollution levels within urban areas increase due to surfaces (pavement/buildings) that absorb heat. Sedum has a higher albedo, which enables the process of evapotranspiration, and thus cools surrounding environments.

Sedum plants are thick-leaved, drought resistant hardy plants.

They are able to flourish through harsh weather conditions such as prolonged heat or rainfall. Sedum plants are able to store water within their leaves and as a result require extraordinarily little maintenance.