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Solar + Light

Solar and Light

By exploiting the available energy during the day, our system can power lights, and or CCTV operations, motion sensors and charging points

These fully renewable lighting systems combine green energy storage and even branded signage for an off-grid lighting solution that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while saving on energy costs.

The result is a highly reliable off-grid lighting option for parking lots, walkways, business parks, and public areas, with the added benefit of custom signage and dimming solutions.


General Specifications

  Spot light 1Wx2 (pcs)
  Street lamp 24W x1 (pcs)
  PV panel 130W~150W x1 (pcs)
  Charger WS320-24V x1 (set)
  Pole 7.2M (set)
  Deco light Full colour auto change x1 (pcs)

Solar Panel

  Material Mono crystalline
  Open circuit V 32Vdc~50Vdc
  Max. power V 29Vdc~38Vdc
  Efficiency ≧13%
  Dimension 2064mm x 1024mm x 40mm
  Weight 22Kg

Charge Controller

  PV charging PWM
  Rated power 300W(wind)/250W(PV)
  Battery voltage 24Vdc
  Auto braking Over speed/temperature
  Discharge ways 2 ways
  Startup lighting PV voltage level detection
  Lighting up duration Set by user
  Protection OVP/OCP/OTP/OSP
  Certification ce

LED Spot Light

  Power 1W
  Work voltage 24Vdc

Street Lamp

  Power 24W
  IP level ≧IP65
  Colour temperature Cold white
  Work voltage 24Vdc

Deco Light

  Power 12W average
  Colour Full colour auto change


  Voltage 12V
  Ah ≧45Ah
  Type Deep-cycling
  Warranty 1 year


  Material S355 Steel
  Surface Polyester powder coated 
  Height 7.2M
  Door lock Flat key lock

About Etesian

Etesian Technologies mission is to achieve a sustainable future through gaining access to the renewable energies available to us.