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Our Promise

Trust is an empirical part of our dealings. We understand and have researched into potential problems that face turbines and solar cells; therefore, we advise a thorough site inspection and analysis to provide expert advice on how our product will provide energy savings, carbon reductions, and satisfactory efficiency.

Where viable we can oversee the installation of an anemometer to gather data on the chosen site. By placing this data on our power curve, we can determine whether the location is suitable for product installation.

Check List

  • Site Selection
    Check surrounding topography for shade, obstructions and energy optimisation.
  • Wind Speed and Solar Estimates
    Collection of necessary data to secure energy generation
  • Planning Permission
    Contact local authorities
  • Additional costs
    Cabling, Installation & Insurance
  • Connection (if on grid)
    Liaise with electricity provider

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About Etesian

Etesian Technologies mission is to achieve a sustainable future through gaining access to the renewable energies available to us.