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Wind Power: Wind is a natural flow of energy that is abundant across the United Kingdom. By capturing the kinetic energy of rural and urban air flows, electrical power can be generated for fuel dependent economies and livelihoods. For information about how we effectively do this click here

Solar Power: Sunlight is an essential component to life. With every hour that passes the sun provides enough energy to power the world for a whole year. Photovoltaic cells harness this energy and convert it into electricity, powering sustainable living and utilising the sun’s energy potential.

Equals Power: The combination of wind and solar power offers a solution for charging a clean, environmentally friendly world. Etesian provides the chance to produce localised power carbon free with reduced energy costs.


Our aim

With current fossil fuel reserves depleting and anthropogenic climate change becoming ever-more alarming, Etesian aims to integrate its vision to that of the commitment made by the 193 United Nation countries by helping to achieve sustainable societies. Through on and off-grid systems, powered solely by wind and solar energy, it can provide an alternative mitigation strategy. Etesian envisions streets, car parks, coastlines, city centres, farms and remote housing all benefiting from its service.

Etesian is developing its ability to connect to the grid in order to provide clean power for domestic use and support charging points for electric vehicles or devices such as mobile phones. It also seeks to provide key statistical data on energy savings, air quality, wind speeds and temperatures.

Why Wind and Solar?

The UK has the largest wind resource in Europe. In most cases solar energy alone can operate an LED light throughout the night, but with the combination of both wind and solar working together, we are able to guarantee a system that will work everytime and in any location.

About Etesian

Etesian Technologies mission is to achieve a sustainable future through gaining access to the renewable energies available to us.