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Off Grid

By supplying off grid power, concerns such as meeting forthcoming power demands, inaccessibility, or the expenses of ground excavations are removed through independent battery storage systems.

Why is off Grid beneficial to me?

  • Eliminates all utility costs.
  • No trenching or underground wiring – saving both time and money (installation & maintenance)
  • Remote installation capability
  • Provides year-round energy where grid may be subject to change.
  • Protection from power outages.
  • Easily removed and reinstalled.
  • Helps to reduce environmental issues such as global warming, air pollution.
  • Reduce environmental footprint.
  • Self-sufficiency in energy.

On Grid

With the capability to connect to a grid-tied source, energy can flow freely between system and grid, enabling separate power sources to distribute the demand of larger appliances such as homes. Similarly, this connection allows the strain placed on the grid in powering facilities to be reduced.

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About Etesian

Etesian Technologies mission is to achieve a sustainable future through gaining access to the renewable energies available to us.