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Our Vision

Click below to learn more about our design philosophy and why our formula for off-grid energy solution works so well here in the UK and Europe.
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On/Off Grid

Our formula is simple, by combining two of the most freely available sources of energy, we can offer the ultimate off-grid energy solution!
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Sustainable Future

These full hybrid renewable lighting systems combine green energy storage that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while saving on energy costs.
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Etesian’s technologies serve urban and rural communities through renewable on and off grid energy generation. Small-scale vertical axis wind turbines and solar panels provide clean power for applications including lighting solutions, CCTV operations, and more…

Core Services



Product Consultation

We advise and can arrange a thorough site inspection and analysis to provide expert advice on how our product will provide energy savings, carbon reductions, and satisfactory efficiency.

Product Design

Combining the Darrieus and Savonius vertical axis wind turbines constitutes for an effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing model, capable of capturing urban and rural winds.

Technical Drawings

Our visuals show the proposed turbine and support structure, including colour and location to help understand the scale of the turbine and to support the submission of planning applications.


With fifty years in the manufacturing industry, we offer experienced advice on metal fabrication whilst undertaking new and challenging designs to meet our customer’s needs.


We will provide full risk and method statement before we commence any works on site and manage all ground works, lifting and access equipment, through to final installation.

Reactive Maintenance

We will undertake cleaning, repairs, electrical checks and necessary analysis to the solar and wind turbines in order to keep the system running smoothly.

About Etesian

Etesian Technologies mission is to achieve a sustainable future through gaining access to the renewable energies available to us.